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One thing I see a lot on social media is hate, people throwing shade at one another even when they do not know themselves. Whether we like it or not, this is something that is here to stay, learning how to respond to hate is very essential.

My focus today isn’t about the “Hater”, but the “Hatee”. So you may have been a victim of hate on the internet, especially from people who know little or nothing about you, here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t bother returning the favour.

1. Hating is here to stay: Incase you haven’t realised it, the internet is here to stay and so is social media. And as long as you post things online or anything about you gets online, you are a target of hate. Understanding that it is here to stay will do you a lot good.

Acknowledging that certain things will always be is the beginning of wisdom and peace of mind.

2. If they knew better, they would do better: People behave based on their level of understanding. If people know or understand that hating on others harms them more than it harms the person or people they are hating on, they will definitely desist from doing that.

Hatred makes people bitter, angry and most times unappreciative of their own lives. So when you see someone hating on you, try not to give it room for your saneness.

Don’t let other people’s bitterness rub off on you.

3. It is a Waste of your time and energy: Responding to haters will only amount to wasting part of your precious 24 hours on issues that shouldn’t have come up in the first place. If someone says they do not like the way you do certain things, how is that your business? Did the person use your mouth?For you to be a topic of discussion, it means you are doing something to be noticed online, instead of responding to such frivolities, you could channel your energy into doing more.

4. You owe every one love: If there is one book I will bank my life on, it is the Holy Bible and the words that God speaks to us through it. God says we owe all men love. He didn’t say we should fall in love with all men, but that we should treat one another with love.

When someone throws shade at you, all you need do is throw some love their way.

5. You are not a hater: This write up is about you, and no one else. For the sake and love of your awesome, beautiful self, hating on people who hate you, will make you a hater, which means you are like them too. And believe me, you don’t want to be a hater, for all the money in the world.

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