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What We Do

As an organization founded on the premise of low self esteem, the initiative’s major aim is to encourage girls to see value in themselves, and also help as many girls as possible do same.

Rich online Content

With our rich online content, we are changing the mindset of most girls as regards how they see themselves, through the eyes of others instead of their own eyes. we also provide resources that can help build their confidence wherever they find themselves.

IamJemila Symposium

One of the things that have potency in changing a girl’s life are the interactions she has. Through our symposiums we create a platform where girls can come together and discuss issues that affect them, while proffering solutions or advice where necessary.

Apprenticeship Scheme

Since the inception of the organisation, we have always believed that economic empowerment is a major factor in helping young girls and women have a say in their own lives. Thus the effort we put together in empowering those we can reach in order to be self-reliant and see value in themselves.