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People would most times say they want others to be their true selves, but they are usually not ready to accept others for who they are, especially when they do not conform to their beliefs. Chimamanda Ngozi-Adichie is one woman I have come to know that stands on her truth regardless of the views of most people. And I have come to admire her as a person and a beautiful writer whose characters I tend to identify with. As an ardent follower of this beautiful woman, I have come to learn three major things from her and would be sharing that with you in this article.

Her drive towards her purpose

Right from her early years, she has been reading British and American Children’s books. The books she read formed her own early writings when she was 7. As time went by she initially studied medicine and pharmacy at the University of Nigeria for a year and half, and even as a medical student so to speak, she edited ‘The Compass,’ a magazine run by the university’s catholic medical students.When she left Nigeria at 19 for the USA, she went ahead to study communications and political science in the university over there, she didn’t stop there, she completed a master’s degree in creative writing and also another in African Studies.She kept pushing towards her dreams of being a writer even though she started out as a medical student.Until you desire to achieve your dream so badly regardless of the hurdles which would definitely be different from Chimamanda’s, you have to have a will and a determination to fight your way through the different diversions that may come your way.

She is confident in herself

She is one of the calmest people I have seen being interviewed, yet the authority with which she responds to the questions is so obvious because she knows what she is talking about. She enjoys being her true self regardless of what society thinks or has set as a standard.As a young girl, in whatever you aspire to do, confidence is key. People can see if you are not confident and treat you as such. If you know Chimamanda, you will know that her philosophy most time goes against the popular norm of society, yet she is not afraid to express her opinions.

Every growing girl should be able to live life on her own terms, don’t let society define you; give you timelines and all that stuff. You need to define life the way you see it. Use your own eyes.Without confidence, you would not be able to sell your craft, and people can easily toss you around.Imagine that Chimamanda has no confidence? Imagine she just writes and sells only?

Her Passion

I am looking at her passion not just from her work as an author, but as a woman, and a Nigerian. She is one of the view Nigerians I know who still embrace this country. In her several interviews with foreign journalists, she has stated clearly her love and passion for Nigeria even though she first left as a teenager.She is a woman who is in love with her femininity. In love with her hair and interestingly, she defines beauty on her own terms. This kind of woman will command respect anywhere anytime. And of course when she speaks, she is taken seriously.

Any young girl who is determined, has a passion and loves her true self, has little or nothing she cannot achieve.

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