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Girl Talk

People would most times say they want others to be their true selves, but they are usually not ready to accept others for who they are, especially when they do not conform to their beliefs. Chimamanda Ngozi-Adichie is one woman I have come to know that stands on her truthKeep Reading
Worship days are very crucial days in my country (Nigeria). Friday is the last working day of the week, which gets a lot of people excited; time to unwine from all the bustle of the week, also it is the day of the week where muslims gather for the JumatKeep Reading
In 2013, Beyonce released her song flawless where she featured Chimamanda’s TED talk “We Should all be Feminists” .This brought a lot of discussions on what this collaboration meant for the feminist movement. And while all this was going on, Chimammanda who began to get more media attention all over the worldKeep Reading
One thing I see a lot on social media is hate, people throwing shade at one another even when they do not know themselves. Whether we like it or not, this is something that is here to stay, learning how to respond to hate is very essential. My focus todayKeep Reading
Hello dear, I am super excited to welcome you to a new start on IamJemila!!! And also to tell you we are excited to have you here with us. IamJemila started in 2015 as a blog to document my journey from low self-esteem to becoming an unapologetic lover of myKeep Reading