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Support Us

Recognizing that we cannot solve this problem alone, IamJemila Beauty & Value For Women Initiative seeks to tap into the creativity, skills, assets, technologies and resources of a diverse array of individuals and groups around the world in support of girls’ empowerment

We seek to leverage the expertise of private sector partners, government, non-governmental organizations and other parties to help young girls and women reach their full potential.

Are you interested in partnering with us? Get in touch, whoever you are, you can help.

By hosting an event in your community through your school, club, house of worship or just with friends, to encourage girls and women to embrace who they are.

You can also raise funds to support IamJemila Beauty & Value For Women Initiative in running our skills acquisition schemes. Your donation goes to support the skills scheme as well as symposiums.

Build support for the initiative and share powerful stories about girls who are embracing themselves and seeing value in their being, therefore making a better community.