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Worship days are very crucial days in my country (Nigeria). Friday is the last working day of the week, which gets a lot of people excited; time to unwine from all the bustle of the week, also it is the day of the week where muslims gather for the Jumat prayers. Infact, in the Northern part of Nigeria, work closes unofficially when it is time for the prayers, and you see mosques jampacked and people praying outside.

Sundays on the other hand is the worship day for Christians, and as early as 6:00am, services and mass would be taking place, up until late evenings. And most of the churches (which are numerous by the way) are usually jampacked as well, even having multiple services.

My point with all that long intro is that, we hear a lot of things in our places of worship, and interestingly we can be very faithful with our commitment to these prayers and services, but this is the same society where the rate of corruption is alarming, social vices are on the increase and you may be wondering what the hell is going on here.

I am tempted right now to preach and tell you what to do and all that stuff, but I’d rather tell you to act on the good messages you hear in churches, mosques, on social media and in your day to day interactions.

Don’t just be an attendee for show, be a participant who is willing to go out there to make a difference. Be that one person who listens to the sermon and goes back to be intentional about their activities.
Be that person who listens to a TED talk and decides to treat people with respect, rather than just applaud the speaker. Be that one person who sees people bullying a girl or a boy and decides to stand up for that person even when being silent will not negatively affect you.

Be that person who will not just click Like on a post but will do her or his best to do something.

Always remember to stay beautiful
Fall in love with yourself daily
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