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Hello dear, I am super excited to welcome you to a new start on IamJemila!!! And also to tell you we are excited to have you here with us.

IamJemila started in 2015 as a blog to document my journey from low self-esteem to becoming an unapologetic lover of my every self, while defining beauty on my term. So this is a journey for any girl who has felt unworthy, less beautiful than people around her. A community where we encourage one another to see value and beauty in ourselves.

Welcome to your family, and this is what we would love you do;
1. Celebrate your being every second of each day
2. Be your best cheer leader
3. See value in your being
4. Write to share your story of self love with us
5. Celebrate the sister beside, behind and before you
6. And if you happen to be a brother here, show your girls love

From 2015, we have metamorphosed from a blog to a non-profit community IamJemila Beauty & Value For Women Initiative where we don’t just speak self-love and value, we help young girls and women build skills and empower them to be self-reliant, through our skills acquisition workshops and symposium.

Our online contents have helped girls see life from a broader and sometimes different perspective, thus encouraging them to develop a will of their own.

IamJemila is not here to say what is right or wrong for girls, we just want girls to have the choice to decide what works for them, not what society has said should work for them.

This is a platform where every girl can be whoever she says she is, with no fear whatsoever.

With all the love in my heart, I employ you to join me on this journey of encouraging girls to fall in love with their every self.


PS: I am Jemila means I am Beautiful (Jemila means beautiful in Arabic)